Hello! I’m Adrian and I am a second-year Computer Science and Engineering major at The Ohio State University. I’m passionate about complex software stacks and their integration into user experience. I believe that apps cannot provide users with great experiences if the platform they are running on is not designed from the ground up for UX. Analogously, a platform cannot provide a great user experience unless its internals and code are approachable.

I started programming when I was nine years old, and since then I’ve been working to improve my computer science, engineering, and teamwork skills. I am deeply interested in how computers work at a low level, and I plan on taking many OS-development classes at my university. I am fascinated by the huge complexity that emerges out of small components all interacting together in simple predefined ways. I am an advocate for Free Open Source Software, and I have contributed code to various open source projects.

This website is my portfolio: my standard resume can be found here, and an overview of some of the projects I’ve worked on can be found here. You can find my contact information and links to my various Git accounts in the footer below.

You can find my GPG public key here.